Feel the game

Worlds first smart gaming tank.
Fully developed and manufactured in Zagreb (Croatia)

-Airsoft gun mechanism

-Wide angel camera

-Sensor plated body

-Remote controlled


When tank owners meet up, divide into teams and connect to their tanks, the battle begins! Gameplay concept is based on two players controlling the tank. One player is responsible for tank's movement, while the other player is controlling the cannon (turning and shooting). The players control the tank with the help of real time video streamed to their devices from the cameras placed on the tank (body camera and turret camera). Since the tank's outer shell is equipped with sensors, it has the ability to register hits from other tanks and, acordingly, to reduce tanks Health Points, speed and agility. The goal of the game is to destroy enemy tank/tanks.

1 tank, 2 players

Equipped battle tank

- Radio controlled
- Download Iron Bull app
- Connect with mobile phone/tablet/laptop
- Destroy your enemies!


Iron Bull

10000, Zagreb, Croatia

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